The Waterpik (Water Flosser): An Alternative to Flossing for Gum Health but NOT a Substitute for Preventing Decay

Following up on our earlier blog about why you actually have to floss and do so correctly, I wanted to talk about a home tool that patients ask about all the time, the Waterpik. First, in the past couple years the name was changed to a Water Flosser instead of a Waterpik, but it’s essentially the same product. Now this is a great product and they have innovated some really cool new ways of incorporating it into your bathroom. I myself have a Shower-Floss. It attaches to your shower head and this great product can be used in the shower; it eliminates some mess and makes your mouth feel so good after! If you are interested in the product, I can help make a recommendation as to which one – but I wanted to talk about its effectiveness today.