Our dentist may recommend BOTOX® or XEOMIN® to improve your quality of life. This injectable medication is provided for therapeutic purposes to alleviate discomfort, and may also have the the benefit of smoothing out your overall appearance. Our dentists will discuss your options with you during your initial consultation to determine if BOTOX or XEOMIN will be beneficial for you.


BOTOX (onabotulinumtoxinA) is an injectable medication used to manage the symptoms of various conditions, such as bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching), TMJ disorders, joint discomfort, mild facial pain and migraines. It may also temporarily remove fine lines and winkles.


XEOMIN, like BOTOX, is a cosmetic injectable and can treat all the same issues as BOTOX, and like BOTOX, XEOMIN works by blocking the nerves in the muscles so that they can no longer move, reducing activity and relaxing the skin adn muscles in that area. This can help you feel more comfortable as well as improve your general appearance.

Managing Pain & Improving Your Quality Of Life

BOTOX and XEOMIN treatment can be completed comfortably in just a few minutes. Dr. Bahramnejad will simply inject the medication into the muscles in the area that is being treated. No anesthesia is required, though a topic anesthetic or cold pack may be provided to ensure your comfort. You should begin feeling relief for your discomfort within 24 to 48 hours of receiving treatment, and your results can last for three to six months.

When provided as a therapeutic solution, BOTOX and XEOMIN work to temporarily block pain signals and “freeze” the muscles in the treated area, preventing them from performing the movements which contribute to bruxism, TMJ disorders or other conditions. This relieves the symptoms of your condition and alleviates discomfort, and may also break the “habits” of muscle movement that could cause your condition to become worse over time.

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