Bruxism: No Supervised Neglect at KTD

Bruxism (or teeth grinding) is mainly a nighttime occurrence and has now been classified as a Sleep Disorder!  Bruxism has most recently been linked to the central nervous system meaning it is an outlet from a form of stress or anxiety and is associate with a higher heart rate.  Until science and medicine can pin point a more "what and why" dentists are to treat patients in a comfortable and acceptable way to protect their teeth, and most simply this is through fabricating a Night Guard/Occlusal Guard.

Compliance is always a variable especially with Night Guard wear.  Patients complain that they are bulky and hard but we work hard with our lab to make the thinnest, smallest appliance and have switched to almost exclusively making lower night guards as they can serve as retainers in the arch most susceptable to relapse following braces or Invisalign but also are better tolerated and make the teeth much less sensitive than upper night guards in our experience.

With any foreign object there is an adjustment period.  Typically we see 3-4 nights but up to a week of consistent wear before a patient can fully tolerate this appliance.  Each night, just give it a try!  If you last 20 minutes on night one, go for 40 on night two.  That is 20 minutes more than without it!  This appliance is meant to be chewed through so if you see wear marks that's ok, it is doing its job!

At KTD we are passionate about preserving your dentition and preventing wear.  We know these appliances are expensive but once the teeth are worn we can't ever get that back.  Atleast let us make the recommendation and not supervisor the neglect of your teeth.  The decision to wear your appliance is up to you.  As your healthcare professional we would like to encourage you to do so!

Facts about Bruxism

Is work or school stressing you out?

Check out this article by the Academy of General Dentistry about a common condition called bruxism and see why we recommend oral appliances at Katy Trail Dental by clicking below.  Call to make an appointment to be fitted for a custom night guard, do not waste your time with the over the counter soft bulky night guards.  We have not seen one patient tolerate those well.


AGD Bruxism Fact Sheet