Caring for your New Night Guard


Congratulations!  You did it. You had a Night Guard made!  Now we have to use it. 

Be patient as it can take several consecutive nights of use for the facial muscles to relax and to stop treating your new appliance as a foreign object!  Do not become discouraged.  Soon sleeping with it will be your new norm!

With continued use your night guard will need continued care and cleaning.  Many cleaning solutions and tablets are sold over -the-counter.  Retainer Brite Tablets are phenomenal agents at cleaning retainers, bleaching trays, night guards and Invisalign aligners or retainers.  They can be found on Amazon.

Old fashioned soup and water works very well and always rinse your night guard after use.  Toothpaste and denture cleaners can be too abrasive so avoid these and if you leave your appliance in mouthwash please use a diluted solution as this too can damage the appliance. 

Avoid leaving your appliance in the car as it will melt with heat and keep it away from animals.  Dog’s do not need to wear night guards…you do!