Smokeless Tobacco and Oral Cancer Awareness

Check out what our local dental society is saying about smokeless tobacco as we work together to educate patients on the risks associated with oral cancer in honor of April's Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

Oral Cancer Awareness Month
Don’t Let Smokeless Tobacco Strike You Out

By: The Dallas County Dental Society

"It’s officially baseball season, and here in Texas, that means sunny days at the ballpark, great food and exhilarating ballgames. But there’s one thing still associated with baseball that’s not-so-great: smokeless tobacco. Minor league baseball and many organizations have banned the use of these products during games, but this dangerous habit is often seen in use in the highly-visible world of Major League baseball.
Tobacco use, even smokeless or chewing tobacco, is no way to win the game. What’s so bad about smokeless tobacco?

  • STRIKE 1:  It causes gingivitis, bad breath and stained teeth.
  • STRIKE 2: It recedes and deteriorates the gum line, leaving your teeth and roots vulnerable to sensitivity, gum disease, decay and potentially tooth loss.
  • STRIKE 3: It increases the chances of developing oral cancer. More than 28 cancer-causing ingredients are found in chewing tobacco and snuff.

Use of smokeless tobacco products by celebrity ball players isn’t just an eyesore, it’s a liability. Smokeless tobacco is no less dangerous than smoking cigarettes, and many studies point to the health risks of long-term nicotine exposure. One study cites that long-term snuff users may be 50 percent more at risk for cancers of the cheeks and gums.
So when you and your family take a trip to the ballparks this summer, step up to the plate and reinforce to children that smokeless tobacco is never a home run!

April is Oral Cancer Awareness month. While tobacco users are especially at risk, all patients should be screened by their dentist annually."

At Katy Trail Dental we are passionate about Oral Cancer awareness and prevention.  We are happy to counsel, educate and guide our patients.  We routinely do standard Oral Cancer screenings and have more advanced Oral Cancer detection and screening protocols for our higher risk patients.  Come see us at Katy Trail Dental. take a step towards Oral Cancer Prevention.