Common Causes of Toothaches, Part I

Statue toothache
“Ouch! My tooth hurts!”

A toothache should never be a normal occurrence. If you are suffering from tooth pain, your body is telling you that your tooth needs attention. The only way to determine the true cause of the discomfort is to be examined by your dentist. Your dentist can provide you with appropriate treatment recommendations and help get you out of pain. Toothaches can develop for any number of reasons. One very common cause is because a crack has developed in the tooth.


Cracked Tooth Syndrome

The outer protective surface of the tooth is called “enamel”. You may know from trivia games that enamel is one of the hardest substances in your body. Despite this, it can still be fragile. If you habitually chew ice or other hard foods, have large fillings (which have a tendency to flex and shrink with heat and cold, putting pressure on the tooth) or a slight bite misalignment, or if you simply habitually clench and grind your teeth, you are putting yourself at risk for cracked teeth.

A cracked tooth is a very common cause of a very painful toothache. Many cracks can be identified early, when they are small and still pain-free. Treatment can be done then before the crack grows and causes pain. When the crack grows, the tooth flexes with chewing and the crack causes more discomfort and could irreversibly irritate the nerve of the tooth. This once-small crack can cause a catastrophic fracture of the tooth, and a fractured tooth can many times not be saved, so it would need to be extracted. A trip to your dentist can identify a susceptible tooth, so that you do not need to lose one and can resolve your pain before it could become even worse.

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