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What paperwork should I bring to my first appointment?

Click Here For Our New Patient Paperwork and Forms

To help make it so you do not need to allow extra time to come to our office earlier than your scheduled appointment time to fill out the neccessary new patient paperwork we thought we would post it here for you. Feel free to download it, print it, fill it out and bring it in. Remember, you are always more than welcome to come 10-15 minutes early for your appointment and fill a copy out in our office. Printing can be a pain! We know. Whichever way you prefer, our forms are available both here, and in office. This plus a copy of your ID and insurance card if you would like us to file on your behalf would be a great start!

What insurances do you accept?

We Accept ALL Dental PPO Insurances and Open Access Plans. We file with all PPO and open access insurances and will file your insurance for you. We research your coverage on your behalf prior to your appointment. We are not in-network so waive any differences you would see in-network or out-of-network for your new patient exam and make sure to provide you with our best estimate of your patient costs prior to any treatment if you need any. We also have cash paying prices for our patients without insurance.

What does it mean to be “out-of-network”?

Out-of-network refers to when a patient seeks care outside the network of health care providers that the patient’s insurance company has contracted to provide care for the insurance company’s members. Many times there is no difference between the patient’s cost responsibility with an in-network dentist versus an out-of-network dentist. Sometimes your insurance company will even give you better coverage for the out-of-network dentist. And most insurance companies will allow you to see the dentist of your choosing. We research your coverage prior to your appointment to make sure we can work with your insurance. With most plans you can see any dentist of your choosing you just will not see us on your insurance website as we don't have that service in our agreement with your insurance company.

What if there is a price difference between you and an “in-network” dentist?

At Katy Trail Dental, we’re eager to become your dental care provider and don’t want finances to stand in the way. We can work with you regarding any cost difference due to being out-of-network and will often waive those fees. This is our standard new patient policy. As long as you have a PPO plan you are good to go!

Why should I choose Katy Trail Dental?

At Katy Trail Dental, we pride ourselves on excellence: excellence in customer service, excellence in dental knowledge and experience, excellence in clinical dentistry. Dr. Fufidio is extremely well educated and trained. She also considers herself more than a dentist, but a doctor of the head and neck. Not only will you receive exceptional dental care, but because Dr. Fufidio genuinely cares about her patients — treating each one like a family member and friend — you’ll also receive very personalized care. She remembers not just the details of your past dental procedures, but details about you.

What should I expect at my first visit?

Ideally, two business days prior to your appointment, please provide us with your insurance information. This allows us time to research your coverage before you arrive, and to request any records from other offices to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

Like any medical visit, please anticipate some paperwork. We can send these to you to fill out ahead of time or please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the appropriate forms. These forms will be added to our website soon to also help make this check in process easier for you.

Upon completion, you’ll be comfortably seated in one of our rooms. In order to conduct a complete exam, we’ll need to capture a series of x-rays. How many we’ll need varies from patient to patient, but it will typically take as little as five minutes. We also will take some photographs of you, your teeth and your smile using an intra-oral camera. This helps us document and remember your teeth at the time of your first appointment.

After we’ve gathered all of the visual information needed, Dr. Fufidio will take some time to talk with you. Whether you prefer to review your complete dental history, or just want to get started, we’ll tailor this time to your specific needs, concerns and time constraints.

Following your discussion, Dr. Fufidio routinely performs a head and neck examination, checks your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and assesses your ability to move your mouth properly. She’ll also examine all of the tissues inside your mouth to evaluate your overall dental health, and take a saliva sample to culture. She will then share her findings, recommendations and next steps.

Most likely, you will then receive a general cleaning. Or if other treatments are necessary, we will present you with an estimate, taking into account any insurance coverage you have. Rest assured that we’ll always make sure that you are fully informed and comfortable before any procedure is done.

Generally all of this takes between an hour and a half, depending on how recently you’ve seen a dentist and the amount of concerns you have. But our goal is to make your first appointment pleasant, positive and comfortable — confirming that you made the right choice in choosing Katy Trail Dental.

Who is your hygienist?

Occasionally Dr. Fufidio performs some dental hygiene procedures to meet your scheduling needs but nearly all of the dental hygiene is scheduled with Oralia, our hygienist. While colaborating with Oralia, Dr. Fufidio feels she can get the best idea of what is going on in your mouth. Together they examine the gums, bone structure, color, texture and plaque levels, and even your body language. The more combined time they spend with you, the better they can evaluate your dental health. This not only allows us time to hear your concerns, answer questions, discuss future treatments and make recommendations, but it also allows us to get to know you better.

Do you offer promotions?

Dr. Fufidio has practiced all over the metroplex and has made connections with numerous other small businesses in the area. Thanks to her friends in the community, she can offer many different types of promotions. Please call our office to see if we are offering any promotions as the time and also watch for local advertising or visit our Facebook page to learn about other opportunities to save.

What payment options and financial policies do you have?

Dr. Fufidio understands the financial burdens that most people are juggling today, so she’s happy to work with you regarding payments. We offer financing options in office, split payments and to provide her patients with more options, she has partnered with Lending Club and CareCredit — two companies that specialize in affordable financing for health care expenses, often with no fees if the balance is paid in full within the terms of the loan. You can learn more by visiting and, and we can help you apply for an account while visiting our office. We also have included our Office Financial Policy including the late cancellation fee that we distribute to all of our new patients at their first appointment with us. Click here for a copy of our written Financial Policy.

Is Dr. Drew Barrett still there?

Dr. Drew is not affiliated with Dr. Fufidio’s Katy Trail Dental. However for his patients of record he can be reached at (214) – 762-1273. Just give him a call and see if he can treat you.

How can you help me overcome my anxiety about having dental work done?

Dr. Fufidio is a very approachable, welcoming and non-intimidating mere five-foot-tall expert on calming the nerves of anxious patients. She’s worked in many offices throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, with numerous patients who have had dental anxiety. Some of her patients have stated that her way of explaining everything throughout the visit melts away their jitters and helps them to feel more at ease. Her comforting chair-side manner has also been touted as “better than a sedative.” We believe that after one visit, you’ll know you’re in good hands. And since there’s no better way to avoid unwanted dental work than to get regular cleanings, we encourage you to call us sooner rather than later.

I recently had dental work done and forgot what my doctor told me! What do I do?

What? You misplaced that sheet of paper or some of the instructions sounded like a foreign language? We get this all the time. If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to call our office but in an effort to better serve you we have posted copies of the consent forms we reviewed with you prior to your treatment but also the instructions to follow after your appointment is finished. Again, please do not hesitate to call if you need us. No question is too small!

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