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Katy Trail Dental is one of the best dentists in Dallas to see for gentle, modern root canal therapy. When it comes to restorative dentistry, most treatments protect your tooth from the outside by patching or covering compromised surfaces. With a root canal (endodontic therapy) our Uptown Dallas dentist repairs your tooth from the inside.

Reasons for Getting a Root Canal

You may need to see our dentist in Dallas if you’re experiencing symptoms of:

  • An abscessed tooth

  • Severe pain or hypersensitivity

  • Pain when biting down and chewing

  • Large areas of decay

  • A cracked or broken tooth

  • Past trauma to your mouth (such as an athletic injury)

  • Darkening of one specific tooth

When the nerve inside of your tooth is infected or starts to die, your tooth naturally starts to resorb (shrink away) from the inside. Ultimately, this process will lead to tooth deterioration and the need for an extraction. To save your tooth and keep it functional well into the future, our dentist office in Dallas recommends removing the nerve and sealing the hollow canal left behind.

Do Root Canals Hurt? What to Expect

Contrary to popular belief, getting endodontic treatment with our dentist in Uptown Dallas is quite like having any other routine dental procedure. Root canal therapy is actually meant to alleviate discomfort and prevent it from recurring.

During your appointment, we’ll take special steps to desensitize the tooth being treated. Our Uptown dentist offers comfortable nitrous oxide sedation to help you feel at ease. After your tooth is numb, we’ll make a small opening and remove the diseased nerve tissue. Next, your canal is cleaned and filled, to block out future infection.

After a root canal, you’ll need to have a crown made to cover and protect the brittle tooth structure left behind. Our Katy Trail dentist will fit you with a custom matching ceramic “cap” so that your smile looks and feels as good as new.

Root Canal vs. Extraction

Preserving a tooth is usually the best option for most of our patients. Extracting it creates extra space in your mouth, leading to changes in bite alignment and the need for orthodontics. With root canal treatment, our dental office in Dallas can help you make the most of your natural smile for as long as possible.

Often, due to trauma, decay or cracks in a tooth, the pulp (essentially the nerve) will become infected. The pulp is a system of blood vessels in the center of the tooth “canal” which connects the tooth to other blood vessels in the jaw. With persistent infection or inflammation, it may be required that the pulp of the tooth is cleaned out and the tooth be sealed — hence the name “root canal.” Despite the intimidating name, this is a very common procedure, and a local anesthetic (and possibly an antibiotic) will typically alleviate any discomfort and allow us to treat the tooth.

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