Uptown Dallas, TX Restorative Dentistry

Katy Trail Dental is your home for family and restorative dentistry. Whether you have a small cavity or need to discuss full mouth reconstruction, we’re one of the top dentists in Dallas to see!

Custom Dental Crowns in Dallas

Occasionally, a tooth will have damage or decay that cannot be repaired. But don’t despair. A crown may be an option for restoring your tooth. A crown is a completely natural-looking porcelain cap that fits over the base of your tooth, once the damaged portion has been removed. Getting a crown requires at least two appointments. At your initial visit we’ll first completely numb the area. Then we’ll clean and shape the salvageable part of the tooth and put a temporary crown in place. At your second appointment, we’ll replace the temporary crown with a permanent one created to fit your bite almost perfectly. Once in place, a crown can last for decades.

Our custom dental crown material is beautifully blended to enhance your smile’s strength and appearance. Our dentist in Dallas, TX wants your new restoration to blend right in with your smile for a natural look and feel.

You may need a crown if you:

  • Have a large cavity or fractured tooth

  • Are replacing a missing tooth with an individual dental implant

  • Suffer from severe tooth wear

  • Recently completed a root canal

Fillings with One of The Best Dentists in Dallas

Have a toothache? Dallas families trust Katy Trail Dental to provide minimally invasive restorations like white fillings for treating small cavities.

Let our dental office (Dallas) know if you’re experiencing symptoms of a cavity like:

  • Tooth sensitivity

  • Pain when you’re eating certain types of foods

  • Rough edges you feel with your tongue

  • Floss catching between your teeth

At some point, just about everyone gets a cavity. A cavity is a small hole in the tooth caused by decay. In order to prevent further decay or damage, the tooth needs to be repaired. After completely numbing the area of the tooth, the decay is cleaned from the tooth and the hole is then filled with a tooth-colored resin that is almost undetectable.

Dallas Dental Bridge Procedures

Fixed bridges are a tooth replacement treatment that you anchor on top of a pair of healthy teeth (on either side of the space) or dental implants. What a dental bridge looks like, essentially, is a set of 3-4 crowns bonded side by side.

Tooth loss can affect your speech, your ability to chew properly, the overall health of your mouth, and the appearance of your smile and jaw. A bridge replaces lost teeth with artificial ones which either temporarily or permanently attach to existing natural teeth. If you require a bridge, we’ll take an impression of your mouth to assure the correct bite. The bridge will then be constructed by an outside lab and once ready, we’ll make sure it’s a perfect fit and review how to properly care for it.

Night Guards/Occlusal Appliances (in Dallas)

Looking for a Dallas dental wellness team to help manage TMJ disorder or chronic clenching habits? One of the best treatments is a preventative one: custom bite guards and splints made at our dental office in Dallas.

Many patients suffer from noctural or diurnal parafunction such as clenching or grinding.  If a diurnal habit (meaning during the day) behavior management is a great first line approach to eliminating the habit but for those suffering from headaches, jaw tightness and facial muscle tightness a night time appliance may be treatment recommended.  We offer custom fit, hard-soft appliance made to the patient's teeth.  You will not regret investing in this life changing appliance!  We are all wearing them!

The Treatment Options You Want

Looking for a dental bridge alternative, or a new dental crown after a root canal? During your new patient evaluation, our Katy Trail dentist will review all of your options with you, so that you can select the best solution for your oral health needs. Together, we’ll co-plan your care in a way that fits your timeline, lifestyle, dental condition, and budget.