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Our friend Ben Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” While Katy Trail Dental offers patients of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Uptown, Highland Park, Katy Trail, West Village areas a complete array of restorative and cosmetic dental services, we also offer one of your best defenses against tooth decay, gum disease and other oral issues — regular cleanings and checkups. Routine office visits can keep your teeth free of plaque and tartar, and help identify problems at their start — rather than once there’s already damage to your teeth. We think Ben was on to something, and wonder if he shared that tidbit with his friend George Washington when he supposedly whittled him a set of wooden false teeth. Regardless, we encourage you to schedule an appointment twice a year to ensure your teeth are at their best.

Restorative Dentistry


Occasionally, a tooth will have damage or decay that cannot be repaired. But don’t despair. A crown may be an option for restoring your tooth. A crown is a completely natural-looking porcelain cap that fits over the base of your tooth, once the damaged portion has been removed. Getting a crown requires at least two appointments. At your initial visit we’ll first completely numb the area. Then we’ll clean and shape the salvageable part of the tooth and put a temporary crown in place. At your second appointment, we’ll replace the temporary crown with a permanent one created to fit your bite almost perfectly. Once in place, a crown can last for decades.


At some point, just about everyone gets a cavity. A cavity is a small hole in the tooth caused by decay. In order to prevent further decay or damage, the tooth needs to be repaired. After completely numbing the area of the tooth, the decay is cleaned from the tooth and the hole is then filled with a tooth-colored resin that is almost undetectable.


Tooth loss can affect your speech, your ability to chew properly, the overall health of your mouth, and the appearance of your smile and jaw. A bridge replaces lost teeth with artificial ones which either temporarily or permanently attach to existing natural teeth. If you require a bridge, we’ll take an impression of your mouth to assure the correct bite. The bridge will then be constructed by an outside lab and once ready, we’ll make sure it’s a perfect fit and review how to properly care for it.

Night Guards/Occlusal Appliances

Many patients suffer from noctural or diurnal parafunction such as clenching or grinding.  If a diurnal habit (meaning during the day) behavior management is a great first line approach to eliminating the habit but for those suffering from headaches, jaw tightness and facial muscle tightness a night time appliance may be treatment recommended.  We offer custom fit, hard-soft appliance made to the patient's teeth.  You will not regret investing in this life changing appliance!  We are all wearing them!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Whitening with ZOOM Whitening©

Your smile is one of your most important first impressions. Bright white teeth look healthier and can take years off one’s appearance. (Who doesn’t love that?) If you think your teeth aren’t quite as bright as you’d like them to be, we can help put a sparkle back in your smile through a quick, simple and easy bleaching system. We’ll fit you for custom bleaching trays, provide you with a bleaching agent, and instruct you on how to achieve a more beautiful smile, just by bleaching a few minutes each day. Or, if you want instant results, we can do it all in our office in one quick visit with our Philips in-office Zoom Whitening© and it's LED light accelerator and you’ll go home with a brighter, whiter smile.

Botulinum toxin

Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport are just a couple of the injectable neuromodulators we offer for the treatment of oral facial pain, jaw tightness and esthetics.  A simple injection in the masseter and/or temporalis (cheek muscles), frontalis (forehead), orbicularis oris and orbicularis oculi (lip and surrounding eye) muscles can decrease the strength of the muscles responsible for bruxism (clenching and grinding) causing headaches, jaw pain, fine lines and wrinkles.


Metal mouth. Tinsel teeth. Brace face. We’ve all heard the nicknames for anyone who had to endure the braces of the past. But never again. Invisalign has completely revolutionized teeth straightening. With this process, custom-made aligner trays are created for your mouth based on the needed corrections. The trays are made of clear, comfortable plastic that’s virtually invisible. You’ll simply change trays every few weeks to gently reposition your teeth. No painful metal. No medieval wires or brackets. And no nicknames. Just beautiful, straight teeth.  

Periodontal (Gum Health)

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum disease is one of our specialties at Katy Trail Dental. Tartar and bacteria buildup on teeth can cause gingivitis, which can cause painful inflammation in your gums. If gingivitis isn’t treated, it can advance to periodontitis, which can lead to damage to the gums, bleeding, pain and bad breath — not to mention tooth loss. Through regular cleanings we can help prevent gum disease, and if it has already occurred, prevent further damage. Once identified, changes in your oral hygiene regimen and a deep cleaning will likely be the first approaches to stopping gum disease from progressing. And if needed, Dr. Fufidio has extensive knowledge regarding other forms of treatment, from medicine to surgical procedures to help improve your periodontal health.

Oral Surgery


When there’s a problem with a tooth, we want to do whatever we can to save it. But in some cases, the damage, decay or position requires that the tooth be removed — or extracted. If an extraction becomes necessary, we will first completely numb the area so there is no pain during the removal of the tooth. In most cases, the tooth can be removed in one piece, but if the tooth is severely impacted, Dr. Fufidio may cut the tooth into smaller sections to make removal easier. She will also instruct you on aftercare, and in some instances, discuss options for replacement of the tooth.


Dental implants provide a permanent, natural-looking solution for replacing missing teeth through a couple of surgical procedures. Implants allow patients to regain the ability to chew just about anything, and retain the health and structure of their jawbone, which might otherwise deteriorate if the tooth is not replaced. During the first phase of this process, a small titanium post is placed into the jawbone. After the post has bonded to the bone, Dr. Fufidio will attach a custom tooth created from an impression of your bite, onto the post. Once teeth are in place, they are there to stay.

Dentures / Partials

Dentures are a tooth replacement option for patients that have lost several or all of their teeth. A partial denture replaces missing teeth when there are still some natural teeth remaining, whereas a complete denture replaces all teeth — usually after a full extraction (removing all teeth) was necessary. Typically, dentures are a removable dental appliance, but in some cases they can be combined with implants for a more secure fit. Dr. Fufidio can discuss what is best for you and your particular circumstances during your visit.

Root Canals

Often, due to trauma, decay or cracks in a tooth, the pulp (essentially the nerve) will become infected. The pulp is a system of blood vessels in the center of the tooth “canal” which connects the tooth to other blood vessels in the jaw. With persistent infection or inflammation, it may be required that the pulp of the tooth is cleaned out and the tooth be sealed — hence the name “root canal.” Despite the intimidating name, this is a very common procedure, and a local anesthetic (and possibly an antibiotic) will typically alleviate any discomfort and allow us to treat the tooth.

Pediatric Dentistry

At Katy Trail Dental, some of our favorite patients are the littlest ones (not that we play favorites). We love the opportunity to introduce kids to a positive dental experience. From their first visit, we help children to feel comfortable and secure, letting them know just what to expect each step of the way. First visits often are simply to introduce them to our staff, get an initial look at the child’s teeth, and if they are acclimating well, a cleaning. Our warm, friendly environment is the perfect place to start your child on the path to excellent dental health, and we hope to become the dental practice for your entire family.