Teeth Whitening in the Dental Office

Many patients seem concerned about the color of their teeth. Natural teeth should have a very slight hue to them, but over time we have ignored this and all want that beautiful white smile. It’s okay; I do too! There are many ways to whiten teeth, some more effective than others.

Common Causes of Toothaches, Part IV

gum recession


“Ouch! My teeth STILL hurt!”

Although teeth can hurt for any number of reasons, we will conclude this four-part series with one more common reason for tooth pain and oral health discomfort. We have discussed cracked teeth, bruxism/grinding, cavities and dental decay, but recession is another reason for tooth pain. These four reasons are by no means the only reasons a patient could be experiencing discomfort, and the only way to really assess the pain is to visit your dentist to have the areas of concern evaluated, but this is a good foundation for the patient that is wondering why their teeth are so sensitive or painful!


Gum Recession and Exposed Root Surfaces

The gums are soft, and with time they can literally be brushed away, exposing some of the root surface of the tooth. This is commonly seen in the molar region where we rest the toothbrush and lay a lot of pressure on the tooth and gums. Many times the gums will recede as a result of periodontitis or gum disease, again leaving exposed root surfaces. The root surface is meant to be covered, and when left uncovered it is very sensitive and can be very painful, especially to heat, cold and the air. Do not worry; if your gums have receded, many times your dentist or maybe a specialist can do some gum grafting to recover the area. If it’s not covered, not only could the recession worsen but the exposed root surface is very susceptible to decay and could cause a cavity on the root surface. The root is very close to the nerve and many times with root surface decay the nerve becomes involved very easily, leading to more discomfort. So, not to sound like a broken record, but the best form of pain management is prevention, and preventative dentistry is our speciality at Katy Trail Dental. Schedule your visit with us to be evaluated for areas of potential recession and have them monitored and/or arrested so we can help you preserve your teeth for a lifetime!