gum health

The Importance of your Periodontal Maintenance following Gum Disease

We get questions about periodontal maintenance cleanings all the time.  See some of the information we give our patients on their visit following their deep cleaning with us.

Invisalign for Gum Health

Crowding and spacing got your gums all sort of fired up? Day in and day out I see patients with minor crowding or some very light contacts between their teeth that cause food impactions. Not only can a persistent food pack be annoying and unsightly, it can lead to periodontal or gum issues.

Why You Actually Have to Floss, and Floss Correctly!

We see it every day: Patients tell us they floss, but they may not be doing it correctly, or they are completely honest and tell us they don’t. Frankly, what you do is your business, but since we are in the Teeth Business we want to at least tell you how flossing works and why it is imperative for your dental health, and then we will let you carry on from there.