Trends we see in Dentistry and Dental Needs

Our doc was recently interviewed by the local HR department to a large company in the area.  They too have difficulty extracting any information from dental insurance companies and wanted to get our feedback on the trends and needs we see most so they can better choose a plan for their employees.

Sealants: One of the best dental investments you can make! Not JUST for Children.

At Katy Trail Dental we are passionate about preventative dentistry.  This means we want to preserve as much natural tooth as we can.  We commonly recommend sealants on adults.  This procedure is routine in children and not always a covered expense for adults if utilizing insurance.  However, they are a lot less expensive than a filling if the stained or succeptible area becomes decayed requiring a filling, not to mention a lot healthier for your pearly whites!  Click on the link below to read some facts about sealants and see why we highly recommend them for patients of all ages at Katy Trail Dental!


AGD Fact Sheet on Sealants