Financing Dental Treatment

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Last week, our Patient Care Coordinator spoke about the limitations set by dental insurance companies and the maximum benefit, which has not changed for over 60 years. This week we want to discuss how we overcome this very common barrier to care with a blog by our Patient Care Coordinator again.

At Katy Trail Dental, we don’t want to let insurance benefits limit or restrict your care. When you call to make a new patient appointment, we take an incredible amount of time to look into all your insurance coverage and let you know any potential cost before you step through the door. We research your insurance benefits to help maximize your coverage and investment in your oral health. Now, since dental insurance companies have not caught on to the rising cost of dental treatment, we strive to work with you as our valued patient. We offer cash discounts, we may break up or phase treatment, we offer an in-office payment plan; we do anything we can, because we are a small office and our doctor is passionate about the treatment she recommends. She is conservative and really stands by her recommendations, so we would rather work with you to see that you receive the care we recommend rather than see you abstain from dental care altogether.

Now, sometimes we cannot help enough to make treatment affordable, so an option we explore very frequently with patients is third-party financing. This does not mean going to a bank and taking out a loan to cover your patient portion! The need for outside financing is so common that there are companies we work with on a daily basis that specialize in providing financing for healthcare. The ones we speak of offer convenient and even long-term healthcare credit card options. They are only offered by companies that already have a successful relationship with medical, dental & veterinary providers, and the provider (us) has to be trained on the lending options. These third-party financing companies help ease you into payments. The most commonly explored two big companies are Care Credit and the Lending Club's Patient Solutions.

A recent study by one of the big companies, Care Credit, reported that 87% of patients said that financing options helped them maintain healthcare expenses and the ability to be responsive to their family’s needs. Options can range from zero interest and deferred interest on extended plans, ranging from 6 to 9, 12 and 18 months. When we take an amount and break it down over 18 months, it is much more affordable! Both companies are very similar and are very easy to use. If this is something you are interested in, we can definitely talk about your patient-specific options, so I can help point you toward one and make a recommendation as to a plan that makes sense for you. We can help you apply in-office or give you literature to apply from the comfort of your own home.

As your Patient Care Coordinator, I will assist you in your quest for payment options regarding your treatment cost and do everything I can to help you. We value your trust at Katy Trail Dental, and we value your oral health above all else.



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