Many patients have a retained, bonded, permanent retainer.  Great, your teeth won't move after your braces or Invisalign.  Your dentist and hygienist hate it.  You may too when you realize all the plaque retention that happens in-between your professional teeth cleanings.  At KTD we introduce our patients to SuperFloss and they seem to love it.

The Waterpik (Water Flosser): An Alternative to Flossing for Gum Health but NOT a Substitute for Preventing Decay

Following up on our earlier blog about why you actually have to floss and do so correctly, I wanted to talk about a home tool that patients ask about all the time, the Waterpik. First, in the past couple years the name was changed to a Water Flosser instead of a Waterpik, but it’s essentially the same product. Now this is a great product and they have innovated some really cool new ways of incorporating it into your bathroom. I myself have a Shower-Floss. It attaches to your shower head and this great product can be used in the shower; it eliminates some mess and makes your mouth feel so good after! If you are interested in the product, I can help make a recommendation as to which one – but I wanted to talk about its effectiveness today.