Our Hygiene Little Secret


Electric toothbrushes...

Short and simple. The electric toothbrush is a great tool and instrumental to your oral hygiene protocol. It is the most efficacious at removing plaque, stain, tarter and really massaging the gums. There are a range of products that can help with your home care ranging from a very basic model that is proven to be effective to the upgraded models that have different pressure settings to tailor to your needs as well as ones that work with your fancy smart phone!  Yes, they think of everything.

In all honesty, an electric toothbrush should be an integral component of every hygiene regiment.  We really do notice a huge increase in home hygiene effectiveness when a patient switches to an electric.  Many come with travel cases to bring your new appliance with you on your travel and switching to a manual toothbrush for a trip wouldn't be the end of the world.  Many people keep a manual toothbrush at their places of employment and work to touch up through out the day and have the fresh, post dentist clean feel all day long!

Along the same lines, a waterflosser is an amazing tool as well and very effective at cleaning around a dental prosthesis (i.e. a crown, bridge, dental implant, fillings) and proven to help in gum health and arresting perio and gingivitis.  

Be sure to ask us about which products we recommend for you in particular to help you keep your teeth for years to come!