Your General Dental Wellness and Check-ups!

Dental Check-up

Has it been over 6 months since your last cleaning and check-up?  If so, don't procrastinate and call to schedule your next dental wellness check-up and professional teeth cleaning!

Getting regular checkups has proven successful in saving our patients from unnecessary dental pain and expense related to conditions that could have been spotted earlier and addressed with more of a preventative attitude rather than requiring reaction.  When we see you regularly, we can prevent problems from developing, such as cavities and gum disease, prevent them from progressing, or detect them in their early stages where treatment is less involved and much less complicated.

At Katy Trail Dental we value your general dental wellness and encourage you to take a proactive preventative approach to maintaining your teeth for a lifetime. Call us as soon as possible to set your appointment.  By calling now you will have a better opportunity to select the time most convenient for your schedule and take the measures to prevent cavities and gum disease from developing and progressing!