Flex Spending, a use it or lose it.


It is that time of year we are considering what benefits to enroll in for 2018 and also are trying to utilize the ones we already paid for!  

Many patients have accounts through their employer set up to offset the cost of medical and dental treatments.  One type of account is an FSA or a Flex Spending Account.  This is an account where you can put funds aside to use towards treatments and products in the health care world.  Funds DO NOT roll over from year to year.  You will want to maximize your allowance and spend those funds or it is just wasted dinero!  We can help you with purchasing bleach, electric toothbrushes, all the items you can find on amazon but can't utilize that Flex card.  Don't let those dollars go to waste.

HSA accounts are different.  Many may roll over from year to year so you can save those unused dollars for future health related costs.  This is dependent upon your employeer as well.