Charcoal to make your teeth gleam


Continuing our research on this new charcoal toothpaste trend we wanted to discuss how charcoal has been used for years to banish blemishes, sooth stings and rashes and make your locks lustrous.  It has long been used to prevent cavities or gum disease and ward off bad breath in addition to whiten teeth. 

The charcoal is thought to bind to tannins which are tooth staining compounds found in red wine and tea.  The charcoal binds and lifts stains from the teeth making the mouth brighter.  Charcoal tooth powder is often combined with bentonite clay to help remineralize the teeth and may have a sweetener or flavored essential oil.  Activated charcoal is much less messy.

Remember though, it may be abrasive so combine your new toothpaste with a soft toothbrush and only gentle toothbrushing.