Girls vs. Boys Dental Development Schedule


We have a theme going on if you follow our Instagram account and it is what to expect during pregnancy and while nursing.  We are increasingly seeing patients that are expecting their first babies or who have young children at home.  As we are seeing an increase in our pediatric population we wanted to let parents know that although we have certain milestone time frames but each child will vary.  The biggest variability we see is when a parent is surprised that their second child is "cutting" teeth before they remember their first.  This happens when that second baby is a girl.  Girls have a tendency to develop quicker than their boy counterparts of the same age.  So no comparing one child to another from the same family or across others.  Your child will develop at their own rate.  During this time it is important to get your child familiar with a child's toothbrush and use to the act of brushing their teeth.  We routinely do "happy visits" to acclimate the child to the dental office as most are fearful of health care providers because they get shots every time the see their pediatrician but that is not the case with the dentist.  Bring them on it, we will laugh, cry and play together and make sure to counsel you, Mom and/or Dad, on what to expect at home and how to help!