Charcoal Toothpastes. Should you, or should you not, use them?


A lot of patients have been asking me about this charcoal toothpaste craze.  I wrote a blog a little while back and thought I would share the general content again. 

For years activated charcoal and peroxides have become a DIY remedy for tooth discoloration. The ingredients in the charcoal product bind to the stains on the teeth and absorb them eliminating stain from the tooth.  The charcoal will not necessarily lighten the tooth like some of our whitening products do, it is essentially lifting the stain off.  I personally am concerned about the particle size and additives that could make the paste very abrasive to the teeth.  That is my main concern!

The safest, most well tested way to whitening your teeth is to brush and/or rinse after ingesting the staining agent, abstain from or limit the staining agent, see your dentist regularly for your routine cleaning and maintenance, and consider investing in our professional grade tooth whitening products or procedures. These are peroxide based and work through more of a diffusion process truly whitening and lightening the teeth, not just binding the stain.  Make sense?