Will I also get a cleaning at my first appointment?


Many patients find us because of tooth pain or discomfort, many find us because they know it is time for their cleaning.  When calling our office many say they need to make an appointment as a new patient.  Many say they are due for a cleaning.  What patient's don't realize is that legally every patient needs to be examined to have the type of cleaning they require diagnosed.  For most, it is the basic cleaning, called a prophylaxis.  It is preventative in nature and routine.  When you call KTD for your new patient appointment we have a tendency to highlight your new patient examination and xrays and neglect to mention the cleaning.  We have noticed this in the feedback we have received from patients.  Many walk in and ask, "did I also schedule a cleaning?"  This made me realize we need to do a better job communicating the events of this new patient experience and what is on the agenda for our standard new patient appointment.

Each patient that comes in will have their medical and dental histories reviewed with Nikki and Dr. F.  From there the appropriate xrays will be ordered by Dr. F and taken by Nikki.  Once reviewed and your teeth and gums have been examined we do plan to perform the professional dental cleaning.  After we polish the teeth and if you meet the recommendations for flouride application we apply a professional flouride varnish. If there is any other treatment that needs to be done we cover the finances and the nature of the treatment with you.  We sometimes can render treatment at the same appointment, many times we reappoint for a later date.  IF you do not meet the recommendations for a routine cleaning we will discuss the nature of the required cleaning and the reason for this deviation from the "norm."  If a deep cleaning is indicated we will discuss the etiology of the causative factors as well as the nature of the deep cleaning.  If you would like we can still perform this cleaning same day but in some instances we do need to reschedule the cleaning portion of the appointment.  Some insurances require only half of the mouth be cleaned one day (Can you imagine?  It is the truth though!) and sometimes we simply run out of time.  To do the best possible dentistry we can we need to allow the appropriate amount of time.  We want you to reap the reward of the treatment we do, even each and every one of your cleanings!