Invisalign for Gum Health

Crowding and spacing got your gums all sort of fired up? Day in and day out I see patients with minor crowding or some very light contacts between their teeth that cause food impactions. Not only can a persistent food pack be annoying and unsightly, it can lead to periodontal or gum issues. Early on we see bleeding and tartar buildup in these areas. Left unaddressed this turns from a localized gingivitis  to a generalized periodontal issue or gum disease. It needs to be treated with a more involved form of cleaning and maintained more frequently. We aren't complaining because we get to see you more often but all kidding aside, it isn't healthy. Invisalign is a great way to correct some of the crowding and spacing so these areas don't need to be maintained any longer, they can be addressed! Invisalign and orthodontia are not just for cosmetic reasons. We recommend Invisalign and adult orthodontia for periodontal healthy, equilibrating the bite and reducing wear on the very back or front teeth but putting the functional forces on the "right" teeth. Call and see if you are a candidate for Invisalign. We can help you not only keep your teeth for a life time but be proud of your smile in the process!