Chlorine and your teeth; they don't play well!

Summer is a coming. Well in Texas that is! The North was recently blasted with a snow storm and I am here writing about chlorinated water and its effect on the dentition because I'm starting to see my neighbors migrate towards our community pool on our SunDaze ;).


Summer time is the greatest time of the year. Longer days, warmer nights, shorts, bathing suits and pool parties. Many of us live in multiple family residential communities and not a private home. We therefore have community pools that are chlorinated more heavily than someone would treat their own, private pool. Chlorine can be very detrimental to the teeth. I've seen a lot of swimmers with a very distinct erosive pattern on the front of their teeth from their teeth bathing in chlorinated water from swimming. Moral of the story, be careful not to get excess amounts of chlorine in the mouth. Even if Momma told you to keep your mouth closed and not drink the pool water it is hard to keep it out. Be aware of this the next time you go for a swim or spend time at your local pool. Your teeth will thank you!