Caring for your dogs' teeth with Veterinary Dentistry


Canine teeth need some TLC just like human teeth just not to the same level of frequency. Canine teeth are designed to be a little more self cleansing and the canine saliva is a more power agent against gum disease and tooth decay. The canine mouth is susceptible to he same dental diseases as the human mouth! That's incredible, isn't it?! To ward of decay and gum disease in your four legged friend be sure to take them for regular visits to the vet to examine their teeth and invest in a professional canine teeth cleaning. To be clear, this is not a service we offer at Katy Trail Dental but there are numerous veterinary hospitals and offices that offer sedation and dog dental cleanings and some that do sedation-less! In the mean time, rawhide bones are great at helping removal daily plaque buildup and there are clothes that can be purchased to place over a finger and rub the teeth in your furry friend's mouth. There are dog toothbrushes and dog toothpastes that even if just licked do some debridement. Any effort is better than no effort! Your pup needs to keep their teeth just as much as you do!