Why get dental sealants.


I think I have written on this topic before but repeat content is never a bad thing!  So what is a sealant and why should you invest in it?  A sealant helps to prevent a cavity on the chewing surface of a tooth.  This area is very susceptible to decay because the tooth naturally has deep grooves and fissures that can collect bacteria and cause a stain that turns into a cavity with time.  This area is not the area that develops decay from not flossing.  Sealants will not replace flossing. The will however occlude an area of stain that looks suspicious as if it may develop decay in the near future and stop the very early decay process.  It does not involve any drilling or irreversible work done on the tooth.  We simple isolate the area with cotton to control moisture, add an adhesive and our sealing material.  Normal wear and tear may require they be touched up but it is well worth the investment to not have your tooth drilled on.  Unfortunately, when we become of a certain age, most insurance policies will not reimburse a patient or dental provider for a sealant so some patients mistakenly wait until there is an actual, frank, cavity because their insurance may pay 80% or around there.  This is a huge mistake!  Once we have an actual cavitated lesion we need to drill on the tooth and once we do that we can never get that enamel back.  Almost all children benefit from sealant application and many adults if their tooth is particularly susceptible to caries/decay.  

At KTD we will assess your inclination towards caries and monitor your former sealants as they can develop decay around their margins if not monitored every 6 months!  More reason not to delay your biannual cleaning and check ups!