Many patients have a retained, bonded, permanent retainer.  Great, your teeth won't move after your braces or Invisalign.  Your dentist and hygienist hate it.  You may too when you realize all the plaque retention that happens in-between your professional teeth cleanings.  At KTD we introduce our patients to SuperFloss and they seem to love it.  It is a different type of floss meant for around orthodontic brackets, around implants, bridges and other dental work but its stiffened end is perfect to thread between the teeth and underneath your permanent retainer and its spongy-floss is perfect to cleans the area underneath that retainer and near the bonded teeth.  It has a regular floss end too so you don't need two kinds at home to aid in your pre-bed oral hygiene rituals.  These products can be found at any Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. and are very affordable.  They will be well worth the purchase!