What is your Why?

Austin Braham, our newest addition at Katy Trail Dental, our part time Schedule Coordinator and a Fitness Coach for CrossFit Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX, wrote a couple words on motivation and finding your "why." He is certainly a linguist. I wanted to share it as a guest blog, and ask him to write a ton more because we all know, sometimes talking about health and fitness can be a little more fun that reading about teeth every week on our blog!  Thanks so much Austin.  This is so beautifully written!  I look forward to reading more of your work.

Summer time is arguably one of the most fun times of the year, between all of the festivals, pool days, and back yard BBQ’s. There is one part about summer that every Texan understands a little too well, it’s hot! Sometimes it can be hard to have the motivation to go outside, much less make time to exercise. As a professional in the realm of health and fitness I often think about the different reasons why people exercise or don’t exercise in the first place. We have to have a reason to do what we do. For some it could be that they simply want to look better, want to live longer/feel better, or have the ability to play with their kids and maybe even grandkids. Adversely, some might be suffering from an old injury, not knowing what they are doing, or being scared to exercise in general. There is always an underlying motive that few people recognize or want to admit, and although it may be cliché to say, but we should always be asking the question “why”. As a general rule in life, the why is almost always the most important question because without the why you cannot have the what, when, where, or how. I challenge you to look at your motives behind exercising or not exercising. Are you doing it because you want people to like you? Or maybe you are not doing it because you are afraid of looking “weak” or “dumb”. Although I cannot choose your why for you, I can tell you that some things are healthier than others. Choosing to serve others rather than being served, showing love rather than only wishing to receive love, and so many others. Learn from your why and use it to help you grow in every aspect of your life, you might even need to rethink your why in order to have a healthy perception of yourself and or others. There are few things that we can actually control in this crazy thing called life, except for one thing. We have the choice to control our motivation, so make it something that will last and is strong. And always remember, answer the why and the what, where, and how will take care of themselves.

You can find more content like this on Austin's own blog, Strength and Honor. 

We are expecting great things from this young one!