Why Choose Invisalign to Straighten Your Smile


There are many ways to straighten your teeth or correct the mispositioning of teeth. There are an infinite number of reasons to do so, such as health, function, esthetics, and confidence. Invisalign’s clear aligners are just one, but one we find to be the most popular. We advocate Invisalign for candidate patients because of its ease, its comfort (compared to other forms of orthodontics or tooth movement appliances), and its low impact on your everyday life. The skilled practitioner can now achieve nearly the same results with Invisalign they could with conventional braces and usually in half the time, without all the metal and bands. Now some cases are more straightforward and what I like to call “predictable” than others, and many times I still recommend conventional braces for the patient who may not get the result they want from Invisalign. However, Invisalign is a great way to fix a crooked tooth with more convenience and in a shorter time span, and it can even fix some small misalignments without going into full-blown braces. 


You may be wondering what makes some cases more predictable than others. First, we need to look at the bite and the way the molars align. If we are looking at a major change to either the lower or upper teeth from being too far forward or back in relation to their counterparts, we may not get the result you want. We need to look at the teeth involved and their root length. Some front teeth are hard to move and then hard to keep them in place! We can incorporate “power ridges,” which are little depressions in the aligner to add some extra pressure to these key teeth to keep them put, and this requires lots of compliance from you, the patient. Twisting teeth isn’t easy but it can be done. We can get the most predictable result if we do this slowly, working to rotate then translate rather than trying to achieve both movements at once. Lastly, we need to look at the fit of the aligners. If I see you for a routine Invisalign check-up (once approximately every 6 weeks) and see that the aligners are not fitting, we may need to make a new impression or to keep you in your aligners a little longer, delaying treatment but increasing your overall happiness when you witness the result.


There is no fast way to achieve anything worth the effort, but with time we can get you where you want to be. Patients often don’t know that many insurance companies will help you by contributing a small amount to initiate your treatment, and at Katy Trail Dental we have formulated ways to help make our recommendation of orthodontics with Invisalign affordable. If you have wanted to fix that pesky twisted tooth, call us to see if you could benefit from treatment with Invisalign and if we would anticipate a positive result in your case!