Guest Blog: How Cavities Form

Our blog has been getting a lot of attention.  Dr. Fufidio was contacted by Zack Gallinger of Southcommon Dental and was asked to review his recent infographic on how cavities form and what you can do to stop them.  She asked his permission to share his infographic on our website via a guest blog and through our various forms of social media.  Check out the introduction he put together for his infographic and the rest of his work below.  Thanks for sharing Zack, and thanks again for following our blog!

Most people know that if you don’t take care of your teeth, you will eventually get cavities and have to pay an extra visit or two to the dentist. But what is actually going on in your mouth? Why do cavities form when you stop taking care of your teeth? Southcommon Dental has put together a dental infographic that delves into this topic and teaches you why not brushing and flossing ultimately leads to problems. Check it out!  
- Guest Blog by: Zack Gallinger of Southcommon Dental