3 Ways to Avoid Cavities

Better Nutrition Magazine's September 2016 edition published a small article on three ways to avoid cavities.  Since I agree I thought I'd share.


Roger Lucus, DDS, wrote that burshing and flossing aren't the only things you can do to avoid cavities and at Katy Trail Dental we preach the same.  He recommended for children and adults to eat teeth friendly foods such as string cheese and apple slices instead of pretzels and dark chocolate over milk chocolate.  Milk cholcate has more sugar and less fat as opposed to dark chocolate and the startchy foods like pretzels can lead to cavities more easily than do fats, proteins and fiber.


Dr. Lucus also preaches not to graze.  He states that "Carb-rich foods, plus time on the teeth, equals catities."  This is where my own personal mouth full of fillings came from approx 8 years ago now!


Lastly, make water you drink of choice.  It is the "solution to the pollution in your mouth, especially if you drink it instead of soda right after meals and snacks."


For more tooth friendly tips come see us at Katy Trail Dental.  We don't want to just fill your cavities, we want to teach you about prevention and the etiology so you don't have many more fillings in the future!