Kitchen Cures Part I of II


Continuing on the food, wellness and kitchen talk I thought we would post about some home remedies and quick fixes that you may not have known.  I haven't tried a majority of these but have heard them a couple times.  There are a lot so look for two blogs worth!

Apples - Grated apple can be held in a cloth and applied to a stie or minor infection site.

Apple Cider Vinegar - 4 tsps can be added to a pint of hot water to be an effective gargle when your throat is sore.  It also is a great weight loss agent and adjudicative aid when 1 Tbs is added to water before eating.  It helps increase the absorption of protein at that next meal.

Baking Soda  - 1/2 cup added to a bath can help itching skin related to poison ivy or insect bites.

Cayenne - When added to some water to make a paste it can be applied to an ozzing wound to stop minor bleeding.

Charcoal - Ever crave toast after an upset stomach or food poisoning?  The burnt portion is similar to charcoal an can help reduce the gut toxins.

Clove - Simmered in tea or placed at the base of a sore tooth can help relieve minor tooth discomfort.

Epsom Salts - The magnesium is a muscle relaxant and helps alleviate sore muscles.

Garlic - Drinking garlic tea can be effective in warding off a cold, garlic has been  linked to lowering blood pressure when eaten regularly and when sliced and simmered it is great for sore throats and coughs.

Honey - For re-hydration add honey and salt to water.  Add some to warm water with lemon to relieve a sore throat and/or cough and it can even be placed topically on a wound to expedite healing.

Lemon - Fresh lemon in warm water thirty minutes before eating can help improve digestion and again help with coughs.