How Much is Your Front Tooth Worth?

At a seminar discussing tooth replacement options, the speaker mentioned a study that was conducted where participants were asked what dollar amount would motivate someone to electively have their front tooth removed. This seminar was before the days of The Hangover, where the thought of someone electively removing their front tooth for any reason became comical. After the seminar I was interested in reading more about it, so I found the survey study.

In 1989,  the LA Times wrote the following.

‘The survey question proposed a far better deal than the Tooth Fairy ever did:
“If a very wealthy person came by and offered you money for a healthy front tooth that could be removed without pain, what’s the minimum you’d accept?”
More than 1,000 adults were asked that hypothetical question last month by the American Association of Endodontists, an organization of dentists who specialize in root canal therapy.
Respondents wanted $309,000, on average, for just one pearly white, said Joseph D. Maggio, the association president.
Among respondents age 65 or older, 42% said they would accept no amount of money in exchange for a front tooth, Maggio added. ‘And 15% said they wouldn’t accept less than $1 million.’”
— Kathleen Doheny


So the people have spoken; that front tooth is priceless to many and worth a fortune to others.

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