Common Dental Coverage and Benefits; If You Don’t Use Them, You Lose Them!

Confused Dental Insurance

The end of the year comes, and you have all these dental benefits that have gone to waste. Each paycheck you had a certain amount deducted to pay for these benefits, but many patients are afraid of a trip to the dentist because they are afraid of incurring extra fees or out-of-pocket expenses. Many plans have a copay, and some have a deductible, but at Katy Trail Dental we can help you understand your patient obligation. However, your out-of-pocket portion by no means compares to the great benefits that you are passing up. Although EVERY insurance plan is different, some benefits we commonly see are listed below, in the terms your insurance company uses:

Diagnostic and Preventive Care

Your insurance company covering all of this alone may make your dental insurance plan worth its cost!

(This is your examination, x-rays and general cleaning; the procedures are usually done at a new patient exam or at your cleaning and check-up appointment)

-       Covered at 100%; member pays $0 OR covered at 80% and member pays 20%

-       2 cleanings a year and one to two exams a year are covered!


(This is what your insurance will pay on fillings; silver and tooth colored fillings)

-       Covered at 100%           



(This would be treatment for gum disease and any type of cleaning that would follow treatment for gum disease, usually termed a periodontal maintenance cleaning, as it is more involved)

            -      Covered at 80%, you would pay 20%! Well worth saving your teeth!

Oral Surgery

(Extractions, removal of teeth)

-       Covered at 80%, wisdom tooth removal may be covered at less and may require sedation


(Root canals)

-       Covered at 80%

Crown and Bridge

(“Caps” or a fixed dental bridge to replace a missing tooth)

-       Covered at 80%



-       Covered at 50%



                -       Covered at 50%

Call us at Katy Trail Dental. Give us your insurance information and we will look into your coverage to help you get the most out of it. Let’s use your insurance to keep your mouth healthy!